Is Special Laundry Detergent Necessary For Babies?

Laundry Detergent For Babies

Is Special Laundry Detergent Necessary For Babies?

When you are welcoming a new baby to your family you want everything to be perfect. It makes sense that you may want a special laundry detergent to protect your new one’s sensitive skin. However, you may not need to pay the high price for specialized baby laundry detergents.

Fragrances and Dyes

Some babies are sensitive especially to fragrances and dyes. You do not have to use a special baby detergent to avoid these. Any brand that is free of fragrance and dyes will work. “Free and Clear” or “Natural” are often the labels used to describe this. There is also a good chance your child may not be sensitive to detergents at all.


Baby Center suggests washing a few clothing items with your regular laundry. Check the baby for any reaction such as a rash or dry skin. If there is no evidence of a problem, you can wash all of your baby’s laundry with regular detergent. Using a liquid soap will also help, because all of the soap is rinsed more easily from the fabric. Powdered soap is more likely to leave residue behind that will irritate baby’s skin.

Wash Everything

If your baby does exhibit a sensitivity to laundry soap, remember to wash anything he or she may touch with free and clear detergent. This includes sheets, blankets, burp clothes and even your shirts and the shirts of anyone who may hold the baby regularly. If you are visiting a newborn, ask the parents for a blanket or burp cloth to put between you and the baby when you hold him or her. This will protect them from any scents or irritants you have on clothes.

Other Irritants

Keep in mind that a baby’s skin sensitivity could also be the result of soap or lotion. You may have to make sure all of your products are free of fragrances and dyes.

Babies typically outgrow these sensitivities fairly quickly. By the time they are a year you may be doing the whole families laundry together! While no one wants their baby to experience discomfort, trial and error may be the only way to determine your baby’s sensitivities.

You can save a bit of money by buying an all natural or free and clear detergent that is not marketed specifically for babies. How do you wash your baby’s clothes and sheets to make sure they are soft and comfortable?

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