Eating Breakfast to Reduce Stress

An important part of sleeping is waking up. If you sleep well, it is easier to wake up in the morning. Often people wake up stressed from the start, having hit the sleep button too many times, they are in a hurry and skip breakfast, in order to make it to work or school on time. However, some studies are showing that taking a few minutes to eat breakfast may reduce your overall stress level.

Healty Breakfast

Taking a few minutes to eat breakfast may reduce your overall stress level.



Lower stress throughout the day may help you sleep better at night, allowing you to skip the sleep button, and end the cycle of ever increasing stress levels.


The Study

A study done by Cardiff University in Wales showed that eating breakfast cereal lowered stress levels. Stress was measured objectively by monitoring salivary cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps the body cope with stress. According to the study, high cortisol levels were associated with high stress. Volunteers who ate breakfast cereal had consistently lower levels of cortisol both throughout the day and the week the tests were conducted. While it is likely that the cereal itself has some effect on cortisol levels, eating breakfast is also a common indicator of a healthy lifestyle. Many people who eat breakfast may also consistently make other healthy choices that lowers their overall stress level.


Healthy Choices

Whether it is the breakfast cereal itself, or regularly making healthy choices that reduces stress, if you are experiencing high stress levels, breakfast seems like a good place to start for some relief. You don’t have to take time for anything fancy, just a bowl full of cereal can help. To avoid the sleepy feeling after a sugar high, avoid sugary cereals. Choose a cereal that is high in fiber, and add fruit instead of sweetener for continued energy during the morning.


Getting Started

You can start by setting your alarm clock a few minutes earlier, so you have time to eat some cereal before you leave for the day. You may find you enjoy the morning ritual of breakfast. Relaxing a bit in the morning, instead of rushing around, may help you feel more relaxed throughout the day, ultimately resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Photo “Strawberries and Cereal” courtesy of Ralph Daily

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