Advantages of an Adjustable Bed


Adjustable beds have a wide range of functionality, but the typical adjustable bed will allow you to raise or lower your head and feet according to your most comfortable sleeping position.

Joint Pain

There are several reasons an adjustable bed is ideal for a restful night of sleep. One of the primary reasons for investing in an adjustable bed is joint, neck or back pain. Adjustable beds relieve this pain while sleeping because it allows you to manipulate the bed removing pressure from trouble areas. Changing the position of the bed, rather than lying flat will help you sleep with a more natural curve in the spine. It can also relieve pressure on hips, shoulders and the neck.


One hidden benefit of adjustable beds is improved circulation. Sleeping flat prevents the even distribution of pressure over the entire body. According to SpinLife: “This increases strain on the heart by forcing your heart to work harder to take nourishing oxygen to your body through the bloodstream.”  This usually results in minor muscle aches and pains or perhaps swollen feet or ankles. However, sleeping on an adjustable bed may also help those suffering from more serious heart problems as well.

Acid Reflux

If you have serious problems with acid reflux, sleeping in an inclined position may provide some relief. Sleeping upright can use gravity to help prevent stomach acid from moving back up your esophagus, which causes the burning sensation associated with acid reflux.

Linens that Fit

One disadvantage to adjustable beds is finding linens that fit. Sheets often slip and slide while moving the bed into various positions. Cozytown Linens offers customized sheets for any size of adjustable bed. These sheets will always stay in place as you move the bed to your preferred positions.  

The Most Comfortable for You

If you have muscle or back pain that keeps you from sleeping at night, you may want to consider an adjustable bed. Only invest in an adjustable bed if you know you are comfortable sleeping in an inclined position. For example, if you would rather sleep in a recliner than in your bed, an adjustable bed would be ideal. While adjustable beds are great for relieving pain, some people simply cannot sleep in an inclined position. Your comfort is the most important. Take time to choose a bed that will offer you the most comfortable night of sleep possible.

Photo “Virgo Adjustable Bed” courtesy of Dreams Beds and Mattresses

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