Window Seats

Window seats are a fun way to take advantage of the coziest, sunniest places in your home. They are perfect for reading and relaxing, fun to decorate with throw pillows and window treatments, and can even be a good space for storage. Window seats can range from elaborate designs to a cushion on top of set of cupboards. All you need to get started is a sunny window and some open wall space.

Many Styles

To get an idea of the vast range in styles of window seats see this post from Fresh Home.  Some of these window seats are set deep with plenty of space to lounge, others are simple wooden frames and still others a cushion on top of some shelves. If you want a cozy reading nook, one of these window seats is sure to fit into the style of your home.

Do It Yourself

If you are handy with a few tools, you can make your own window seat with purchased cabinets or shelves. The Do It Yourself Network gives a step by step tutorial about how to make a window seat with cabinets purchased from a home improvement store. Centsational Girl gives her account of crafting a window seat using shelves from Ikea. She even discusses how to accommodate preexisting heating vents and electrical sockets.


To use a window seat for added storage you can build it on top of shelves or cabinets. Open shelves with baskets and books create an especially stylish, homey look. In a guest room you can even hide a roll away trundle bed in a drawer under a window seat. If your window seat is in the middle of a long flat wall, you can frame it on either side with tall bookshelves. The bookshelves will add storage and help frame the space. A cozy space in your children’s bedroom may encourage them to read more or spend more time on homework. Allow them to help decorate, so they feel like the space is their own.


Window seats can also be used for additional seating. Long bench seats are great for spaces that become crowded during social functions, such as the kitchen or dining room. Pull a long table up to a window seat to save space and add plenty of seating in a kitchenette or small dinning room.

Your Favorites

There are many forms and functions of window seats. If you have a window, you can find a seat that will work with it. Do you have any favorite window seat fashions?


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