Tips for your Turkey Table

Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Turkey Table

Make your Thanksgiving get together memorable.

Are you hosting a big group of family or friends for Thanksgiving?Here are some unique tips to help make your Thanksgiving fun and memorable.

Place Cards

While it may feel like extra work or too formal to make place cards for Thanksgiving they can be really helpful. If there is anyone in your group who is new or may not know other people, a place card can eliminate any awkwardness. You can also avoid any holiday drama by placing guests next to people they will get along with.

Place cards can be simple. Write names with permanent markers on small decorative pumpkins. Place a leaf cut out with a printed name on plates. Stick a small slip of paper with names written on them in a pine cone.

Decorating the Table

Avoid fussing over the table and have your guests help decorate. Send kids outside with a paper bag and a scavenger hunt list. Have them collect dried leaves, twigs, berries, grasses, acorns and any other items. When they come back encourage the kids to use their finds to decorate the table. This will help your table feel earthy and homey and give your younger guests something fun to do while the dinner is cooking.

Interactive Placemats

These printable placemats from My Sister’s Suitcase will keep kids busy while adults are enjoying dinner and conversation. Set little packets of crayons next to the kid’s places. You can even cover your table in paper or set out extra coloring sheets to keep everyone entertained.

A Cornucopia

A cornucopia is a traditional symbol of abundance that we associate with Thanksgiving. However, how often have you seen a real cornucopia on a Thanksgiving table? Lily Shop offers a step by step tutorial for making your own cornucopia. It is a simple project that can be made from store bought pizza crust dough. Fill your cornucopia with fruits, breads or chocolates and you will have a stunning, edible centerpiece.

It is the little touches that can make a Thanksgiving memorable. It is also time spent with family and friends that makes a Thanksgiving special. These tips can help you enjoy one another and share an unforgettable day.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions and recipes?

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