Tips for Organizing Your Linen Closet

It is easy for your linen closet to get out of hand. Sheets get stacked up and shoved to the back and towels come toppling over when they are touched. It only takes a little time to clean out and organize your linen closet. When you have a system, it will stay neater longer and you won’t accumulate unnecessary items.

Get Rid Of It

First pull out all of the items you don’t use anymore. Get rid of old towels, sheets and other items by donating them or cutting them down into rags. Store the rags in the garage or laundry room where they are handy for cleaning. Real Simple recommends retiring a sheet set or towel set every time you buy a new set. That way old sheets won’t pile up in the back of the closet. Here are some great ideas for what to do with old sheets.

Hide Seasonal Items

You can put seasonal items in boxes or large zippered cloth bags so they don’t get dusty or musty while you are not using them. For example, during the summer fold up your flannel sheets and wool blankets and place them in a bag. Store these items at the top or back of your linen closet because you won’t pull them out that often.

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Place towels at eye level where they are easy to reach. Regularly used sheet sets can go nearby. You may want to keep pillow cases in a separate pile from your matched sheet sets as they are sometimes changed more frequently. Put guest sheets, and other items that are used less frequently on the lower shelves or towards the back.


If you put anything in storage tubs or bags be sure to label them so that you won’t have to dig through each one to find what you need. Country Living also suggests using stylish cloth baskets or wire bins to keep smaller loose items and toiletries together.

Keeping Things Fresh

To prevent musty smells or other unwanted odors in your linen closet fill yogurt or sour cream containers with baking soda and poke holes in the lids. Place one container on each shelf to keep your closet fresh. When you want your linens to have a fresh scent place a sachet or a few cedar balls on each shelf as well.

Things to Remember

Remember the key to having an organized closet is to get rid of or repurpose items you don’t use. Don’t be afraid to replace old linens and give away towels and linens you have been holding on to. Keep you closet fresh by keeping regularly used items where they are easy to grab. Finally, label as much as possible to keep searching to a minimum. A few hours of work can help you have a fresh linen closet that, with the right system in place, will stay fresh and organized.

Photo “Surprise Linen Closet Cat” courtesy of Trevor Owens

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