Tips for Lighting Your Bedroom

When you remodel or design a bedroom, light is an important aspect of the decoration you want to keep in mind. There are several ways to make sure the light in your bedroom is both attractive and functional.


First, decide everything you want to be able to accomplish in your bedroom. Knowing what you want to do will help you choose appropriate lighting. For example, if you want to read in bed, reading lamps on the night6602352125_7ebcf3005cstand are essential. You may also want to use your room as a work or crafting space. These functions will require brighter overhead light.


Once you have determined the function of your room, ElleDecor recommends taking measurements of your room to a lighting showroom. This includes heights and width as well as the location of outlets and furniture. Professionals can assist in determining the best light fixtures for your space.

Saving Space

If you do not have enough space on your nightstand for a lamp, you can use lamps that are fixed to the wall on either side of the bed instead. HGTV recommends sconces to elegantly frame the bed. Pendant lights hung from the ceiling are another attractive space saving option. Swing arm lamps can be mounted to the wall and easily positioned to facilitate enough light for reading in bed.

Globe Lights

For a modern soft glow, Apartment Therapy suggests using a cluster of globe lights in one corner of the room. Those who commented on the post suggested using PVC pipe painted to match the wall placed in a corner to manage the unsightly cords involved with globe lights.


Better Homes and Gardens recommends using a chandelier to add a romantic touch to your bedroom. Chandeliers range in style from very embellished to simple wrought iron candelabras. Be sure to choose a style that fits in and accentuates your decor rather than distracts from it. Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging the chandelier either in the middle of the bedroom or centered over the bed.  

Improve Your Space

Whether you are looking for ambient light or functional light, be sure to find fixtures that match your style. Be creative with your lamps, as well as overhead light. A few well placed lights can add significantly to both the comfort and style of your bedroom.

Photo “Bedroom” courtesy of requintedecor

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