Come wintertime, one of the most needed items in the bedroom is a comfy, warm pair of slippers. Hardwood floors add even more urgency to this need. Unfortunately, by the time we start noticing our icy cold toes when they hit the floor, as we get out of bed, it is too late to make the pair we are longing for. So, this year, plan ahead. Start now, so when the temperature drops, you will have a pair of slippers that will make your toes proud. If you are experimenting with do it yourself slippers, make a pair for yourself and if they are as comfortable and cozy are you were hopping for, you can make fall gifts for your friends and family. The following are a few do it yourself slipper patterns and ideas for various crafter interests and abilities.


For those who love to knit, there are several easy patterns available for making slippers. Felting is a very popular way to finish the slippers, making the knitting process fast and forgiving. This is a great project for beginners. Here is an easy, free knitting pattern that includes felting instructions. If you are feeling a little creative or want to knit something fun for kid here is a free pattern for sock monkey slippers.  For those that are more advanced, wool socks may be a better challenge.


If you are not interested in knitting, there are a few other ways to make cozy slippers. If you have old sweaters that don’t fit or have stains on them, this pattern gives instructions for transforming them into a new pair of slippers. These instructions do require a sewing machine. They also include some crocheting, but the crafty sewer that doesn’t crochet should be able to easily invent some alternatives. Old sweaters can also be felted to make a hardier slipper.


This is an easy pattern from Martha Stewart. It only requires a piece of wool felt and some thread. They could also be decorated with some creative embellishments or ribbon. This is another cute pattern for slippers. They require a little more material, but are a little more substantial, and likely to be more comfortable.

No matter the method, set aside some time this fall to prepare something cozy for your feet, or your friend’s feet! Getting out of bed on a cold winter morning is sure to be more pleasant when you are sliding your feet into a warm, hand-crafted pair of slippers.


Photo “Felted_slippers_xmas_2004” courtesy of Linda N

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