Saving Space in Your Bedroom

Clutter happens everywhere, on the kitchen table, the desk in the den and the top of the dresser in the bedroom. When a bedroom is small clutter can feel especially suffocating. The following are a few decorating tips that can resolve clutter issues and make your space feel larger.


Stylish baskets are an easy way to contain clutter. Choose a few small baskets to place on top of your dresser or nightstand. These can hold the items that normally get left out every night like keys and cell phones. Large baskets can be placed on the floor to hold extra blankets and pillows or even shoes. If you have a tall bed frame, Better Homes and Gardens recommends, baskets for a sophisticated way to hide out of season clothes under the bed.

Alternatives to Nightstands

The nightstand is functional, but can take up a lot of space without providing much storage. Consider placing a small dresser next to the bed instead. The Decoist suggests using bookshelves on either side of the bed. The shelves will provide plenty of storage and the height will draw the eye up making the room appear bigger.


Get rid of the bedroom decor that isn’t necessary. Having less furniture in your room will free up more space. Today Home and Garden urges small bedroom owners to avoid using footboards. You can also avoid using a headboard by replacing it with art hung above the bed or even painting the wall to appear like a headboard. You can also replace a headboard with shelves. The space behind the bed can double as decoration and storage. Cloth bins or knit baskets placed on the shelves are attractive ways to hide miscellaneous items.


If you lack closet space, you can hang a curtain rod with an attractive curtain to hide clothing hung on hooks or another curtain rod. Rolling bins and other plastic storage can also be hidden in this makeshift closet space. Curtains can also be hung behind the bed to create the illusion of a larger room.

These are just a few tips for making a small space feel a little bigger. Adding extra storage and multifunctional furniture will help cut down on the clutter and help your bedroom feel more homey. Less clutter and more space may mean a more relaxed night of sleep. Help your bedroom remain a sanctuary for rest rather than a gathering place for piles. Even if your bedroom is small there is always room for some organization.

Photo “Crafting Storage” courtesy of ecooper99


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