Is Egyptian Cotton Worth Extra Money?

Egyptian cotton is about quality. Is Egyptian Cotton Worth Extra Money

For decades, even centuries, people have dreamed of having the finest quality bed linens and Egyptian cotton is often a sought after bedding material.

But is all Egyptian cotton created equal?

And is it really worth paying more money for Egyptian cotton?

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best bed linen material for your bed. It might be Egyptian cotton, but make sure you’re looking at only the best of the best.

How to Purchase Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has historically been the highest grade of cotton in the world. It will rank right above Pima cotton, which has become another popular material.

There is a reason the idea of Egyptian cotton in the bedroom has brought about visions of peaceful and comfortable sleep for generations. The cotton tradition in Egypt is distinguished.

Cotton in Egypt and other areas of the world was handspun for thousands of years until the development of spinning machines in the 1700s. Throughout the 1800s, Europe was in need of quality cotton. The commercialization of the Egyptian cotton industry occurred and the branding began. It was quite the amazing feat to become a worldwide standard for quality in a product that is now a commodity.

Over the years, many merchants have begun selling cotton branded as Egyptian cotton. As with most successful ventures, there are always impersonators. It can be difficult to know you’re getting the best quality when purchasing Egyptian cotton today.

Much Egyptian cotton is imported from other countries. The branding machine of Egyptian cotton has made people believe all cotton from Egypt is the best.

While Egyptian cotton is still the best, it is important to pay attention to the common items you would with any bed sheets: thread count, durability factor and even price. The price will often be the determinant, but verify other factors including the country of origin of the cotton on the purity of the cotton in the linens. Blends care popular, but 100% cotton is often the best and softest you will find.

For quality cotton sheets you are likely looking for something with 500+ thread count with origin and manufacturing country in Egypt. Look for cottons with minimal dyeing and other machined items. This will ensure the best sleeping experience.

Your comfort is important. Egyptian cotton sheets are still the best. As long as you are aware of a few key decision points you will find that Egyptian cotton sheets are a valuable investment.

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