Decorating with Prints

If you are not an interior designer, using prints and patterns to decorate your bedroom can be intimidating. If you are tired of the same old solid colors, but you are terrified of choosing the right patterns, there are a few tricks and tips to keep you on the right path.

Choose a Palette

The first thing to remember is that this is your bedroom, and if you like the decor that is all that matters. Choose colors you enjoy, and that make you feel calm and comfortable in your room. Once you have a palette to work with, choosing patterns will be much easier.

Next think about the surfaces that could incorporate patterns. Fabric patterns can be used on bedspreads, pillows, window treatments, and upholstery. Walls are also a good medium for patterns, or bold solid colors that accent the patterns.

Odd Numbers

HGTV suggests also using patterns in odd numbers, with at least three different patterns. Make sure the color pattern and style blend. HGTV also suggests paying close attention to the size of the patterns. For example, use one large print, another medium sized print and a small print. Also, vary the type of pattern; if you use one large floral print on your bed, and a small floral print on your window treatments, use medium sized geometric patterns on the pillows.

Stick with a Style

Remember to stick with a style. If you want the room to look sophisticated and formal, use damask prints. Depending on the fabric, floral can swing from formal, to country, to modern. Gingham and checks are also give a country feel. Modern decor incorporates more lines, geometric designs and bold contrast. You can even promote a rustic feel with nature themed prints. Use your gut feelings,  if the patterns feel like they fit together, they most likely are within the same style genera.

Use the Walls

If you choose to use a patterned wallpaper, try using a solid color on the bed. Accent the bedspread with a print throw and patterned pillows. Stripes are also an easy way to bring a pattern to the walls. Chunky stripes are easy to paint and will work well with a floral print or solid color on the bed.


In addition to hanging curtains over windows, print fabric can be introduced in other places throughout the room. Hang print material from a rod to cover the wall behind your headboard. This will create a dramatic setting for your bed. If you have a large room, hang fabric to create room dividers.

Do What You Like

No matter how you decorate your room, remember it is a place for you to relax, unwind and sleep. Decorating with prints will be easy in your room, if you don’t stress about what is fashionable and what everyone else likes. Instead, choose what you like and what makes you feel at home.


Photo “Chalon” courtesy of Chalon Handmade

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