Creative Ideas for Making your Own Pillows

Pillows are easy to sew, making them ideal for do it your self projects. You can buy pre made pillow forms, or use stuffing to easily fill your pillows. The following are several suggestions for using household items to craft fashionable pillows for your home decor.

Spray Paint

This Thrifty Household suggests spray painting pillows. She spray paints soft cotton to make outdoor pillows for a bench. You can use bright paint and painters tape to craft colorful patterns. See her post for a full set of detailed instructions.


TLC Home recommends using pashmina wraps to craft incredibly soft pillows. You can cut the wraps leaving the fringed ends in tact and then sew the pillows so that the fringe embellishes parallel ends of the pillow.


You can also make your own pretty embellishments to add to your pillows. Felt is a great material to use for crafting layered flowers or geometric shapes to place on pillows. All Things Thrifty provides an excellent tutorial for crafting your own pillow as well as designing embellishments.

Floor Pillows

If you are a more advanced sewer, try out these oversized floor pillows from Moda Bakeshop. They are a quilted style round pillow perfect for lounging and a beautiful accent for your home. The full tutorial with step by step instructions can be found here.


You can also use old clothing to create new pillows. Use old soft sweaters or beloved t-shirts. Simply cut two matching pieces from the article of clothing and sew right sides together, with a few inches left open on one edge. Turn the pillow right side out, fill and sew the last few inches shut. You can even use clothing with buttons or zippers to add extra embellishment to the pillows.

TLC Home also suggests repurposing old sheets as new pillows. Old sheets are large enough that they can even be made into full length body pillows. Sheets will also make comfortable pillows or pillow cases to use on your bed.

Your Ideas

Making new pillows is a great way to recycle old materials, use your quilting skills, or hone your creativity by making embellishments. By making your own throw pillows, or bed pillows you can find material that is both comfortable and matches your style. Do you have any creative ideas for making pillows?


Photo “IMG_1997” courtesy of Shrie Bradford Spangler

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