6 Ways to Save Energy in Your Bedroom

5 Ways to Save Energy in Your Bedroom

There are many ways that you can reduce your energy bill for your home. Here are six simple things you can do just in your bedroom to save a bit on energy costs.

1) Close Your Blinds During the Summer

Keep all window coverings closed during the hottest parts of the day. Keeping out the light will help retain cooler temperatures. Likewise, in the winter, opening up the blinds on a sunny day can help warm the house. Thick window coverings will also insulate the house from either hot or cold temperatures.

2) Close Your Closet

You do not need to heat or cool your closet. Keeping the door shut to prevent your heating and cooling systems from working to regulate temperature in spaces that don’t need to maintain a comfortable environment. You will see the most significant difference when your closet is on an outside wall.

3) Don’t Block Vents

To help heating and cooling systems work more efficiently, move any furniture that may be blocking vents. Vents that allow the air to flow freely will be more effective at heating and cooling your home.

4) Use Your Fan

Ceiling fans use significantly less energy than a central heating or cooling system. Running your fan will allow you to turn up the temperature on your thermostat while still staying cool. Did you know you can also use fans during the winter? Most fans have a switch that changes the direction of the fan. Fans should run slowly and clockwise during the winter to keep warm air circulating.

5) Use Insulated Bedding

Bedding that acts as insulators such as wool or down will help you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These insulators trap the air around your body preventing hot air from seeping out in the summer and warm air from escaping during the winter. If you have bedding that keeps your body temperature comfortable, you can adjust the thermostat so that your heat and air don’t run as often during the night.

6) Unplug Electrical Devices

Do you have a computer, TV, stereo and other appliances plugged in in your bedroom? These devices use power even if they are not turned on. An easy way to address this problem is to place all of your devices on a power strip. Turn off the power strip when you leave the bedroom in the morning.

These simple tips can save you a few dollars on each energy bill, which can add up to a lot of savings in the long run. Make small changes one at a time to make a big difference.

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