5 Ways to Spend 5 Minutes Getting Organized

When clutter has overtaken your house organizing can be a daunting task. It is hard to decide where to start. Sometimes getting organized can create a bigger mess than you started with and the projects can seem never ending. 

Here are five ways you can spend a few minutes everyday getting one area of your house organized.

6299254442_5b5b2bb0ec1) The Mail

While you are waiting for the stove to heat up or your kids to put their shoes on, quickly go through your mail. Throw out envelopes and junk and make a basket where you can stash bills and important information until you have more time to take care of it or file it away. Don’t let it pile up or drift all over the house.

2) The Refrigerator

While you are talking on the phone, HGTV suggests checking the dates on the condiment bottles. Throw away anything that is too old. Throw out leftovers. If there is any shelf space open wipe it down quickly with a rag. This way your fridge won’t become really gross in between more thorough cleanings.

3)  Whole House Pick Up

Make up a game called “pick up the whole house.” If you have children, challenge them to a race to see who can pick up the most toys the fastest, or set a timer for five minutes and see how much everyone can get done. It is fun to race around the house and pick up for a few minutes. This way toys, shoes, back packs, and more get picked up quickly.

4)  The Bathroom

Each morning after your shower pick a drawer or cabinet to go through. Throw away anything that hasn’t been used in a year or more. Spend only 5 minutes every morning until each space is uncluttered and organized. Then start the cycle again so things don’t pile up.

5)  The Desktop

Whether it is a desktop, dresser or kitchen table, everyone has that space where all the miscellaneous items go. These surfaces can become piled high when neglected for too long. Pick just two things everyday that you will find a better, more permanent place for or throw away. It won’t take long before you see the bottom of the pile.

Simple Steps

It is easy to feel like you don’t have time to be organized, but just a few simple steps everyday will help you knock out some of your biggest trouble spots. Don’t get overwhelmed by feeling like you need to organize everything at once. Little by little will get the job done and require less time. As you lose the clutter around your house hopefully you will breath easier and sleep a bit better at night.  

Photo “junk drawer organized” courtesy of miss karen

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