3 Fabulous Fall Leaf Crafts

Autumn leaves make beautiful fall crafts.

Autumn leaves make beautiful fall crafts.

With Autumn well underway the leaves are beginning to rain down from the trees. Here are three ideas for crafts that use colorful collected leaves. These crafts can add to the homey fall feel of your own house or make excellent gifts.

Most leaves will need to be dried before using them for crafts. This takes time, but it will help your crafts last longer. The simplest method for drying is placing flat leaves between two pieces of wax paper or newspaper. Place them inside a heavy book with several heavier books on top. This method can take 2-3 weeks, so get started right away.

1) Candle Jars

This craft comes from Gingerbread Snowflakes. This blogger suggests coating a mason jar with Mod Podge then placing the leaves on the jar and applying another layer of Mod Podge on top. Continue adding layers of leaves and Mod Podge until you have the look you want. Keep in mind light will not shine as brightly through the thicker layers. Put the ring around the top of the jar without the lid and place a tealight or small candle inside.

2) Leaf Relief

Cassie Stevens, an art teacher, used this project so all of her students could create beautiful art successfully. You do not need dried leaves for this project. Use spray glue to fix collected leaves, vein side up to a piece of matte board. Then add another layer of spray glue and lay a sheet of aluminum foil over the top. Rub the foil until you have an outline of the leaf. Then, spray cheap black spray paint over the top.  Once it is dry, gently rub it with steel wool to create your desired look. You can paint another piece of matte board to work as a background for your leaf.

3) Leaf Lantern

Imagine Childhood offers instructions for making a leaf lantern. These would be great decorations for an outdoor fall party or a fun way to light a night hike. Use craft glue mixed with water to dip strips of white tissue paper. Apply the tissue to an inflated balloon leaving about six inches at the top. After you have applied one layer add in fall leaves coating them with the same craft glue. You can then apply another layer of white tissue over the top. Make sure you have several layers. Let the lantern dry overnight. Then pop the balloon. You can attach a handle made from craft wire. Place a small tealight inside or use LED tealights if you prefer not to worry about an open flame.

These three crafts are sure to brighten your fall days. What other leaf crafts have you done this year?

Image: “Leaves” by Oregon Department of Transportation.

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