When it Comes to Fitted Sheets, Bigger Isn’t Better

When it comes to fitting your bed with sheets, the old motto ‘Bigger is Better’ doesn’t apply. Now that shallow mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, as are low profile and platform beds, deep fitted sheets found in stores with pocket depths of 18” or more, make for a sloppy uncomfortable sleep surface. Even if you carefully tuck the extra material under the mattress and pull it taut for a military ‘bounce a quarter’ test, by morning you will have a rumpled bunched up mess to contend with, leaving you to tug and tuck all over again. Corner straps don’t seem to help much either. Although they work well in some situations, for this dilemma they only ensure that the sheet will stay on the bed and not pop off the corner in the middle of the night.

So what’s the solution when all you can find are deep pocket fitted sheets?

It’s simple. Cozytown Linens offers shallow pocket fitted sheets with pocket depths starting at 6” deep and are available in one inch increments up to 25”, allowing you to choose the perfect size fitted sheet for your mattress. There’s no more wrestling with sheets that are too big and baggy.

Eliminate your frustrations and your sloppy sheets at the same time!

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