What is Eyelet Lace?


Eyelet lace is used for a trim on decorative items such as pillows.

Small Holes

According to WiseGeek, eyelet refers to a small hole. You may be familiar with eyelet referring to the holes for laces in shoes. In embroidery, small holes that are delicately patterned with fine stitching around them make up eyelet lace. Eyelet lace is usually patterned in a floral motif, but it can come in other patterns like geometric shapes.


Eyelet lace is used for trims on garments, bedding, tablecloths, doilies and more. It can even be used in crafting. It is easily applied with ModgePodge to cards, picture frames and scrapbooks. Eyelet lace trims can be ruffled or flat. Large panels are also be used to make up the entire piece rather than just the trim. Finished eyelet lace pieces can often be found at antique markets. Spools of of eyelet lace trim for crafting or sewing can be bought at craft supply stores.


Eyelet lace usually comes in white, but can also be found in ivories and other off white colors. It can also be dyed to match the color of other fabrics.

Country Decoration

This style of lace usually gives an heirloom or country feel to decorating and clothing. Use a neutral eyelet lace bedspread to create a lovely country motif in your bedroom. This style of bedspread would complement refurbished antique furniture and recovered barn wood picture frames and art.

Eyelet lace goes well with neutral colors on walls. Dusty blues, purples and pinks will also be very attractive with eyelet lace decor.

In addition to bedspreads, you can also use small eyelet lace tablecloths to cover your nightstands. Eyelet lace table runners will work well to top dressers and drawers.

Eyelet Lace Bedspread

Cozytown Linens offers a beautiful, quilted eyelet lace bedspread in bone or white. They are quilted in a variety of patterns so you can choose one that matches your style.

Classic Heirlooms

Eyelet lace is a timeless classic, useful for a variety of decorating situations. Lace will make a beautiful piece that can be handed down from generation to generation. Do you have any special lace pieces in your family?

Image:”two pillows on my bed” by in pastel.

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