What do I need a mattress pad for anyway?

Have you ever wondered why your mom never slapped a sheet on the bed unless she’d placed a covering over the mattress first? There was a good reason for that then and there’s a good reason for it now.

It does not matter whether you use a simple cotton mattress pad or a waterproof mattress cover, you are protecting an investment for years to come. Think of it: gone are the days when you could get a good mattress for $150. Mattresses that won’t bend you into a painful question mark after eight hours of tossing and turning can easily cost $500 to up to $3,000 and $4,000! Amazing! Simply put: mattress pads PROTECT your mattress from spills and perspiration, and keep your mattress more sanitary longer!

Waterproof mattress covers are ideal for sick beds, but they are also a real time saver during those potty training years! If little Johnny or little Suzy has an accident, all mom and dad have to do is whip off the cover, and toss it in the wash. You can’t toss a mattress into the washing machine—not even the industrial size washers at the Laundromat!  So you see, a waterproof cover makes your life a lot easier!

And mattress pads are soft and add an even higher level of comfort to any mattress.

Protect your bedding investment, protect children’s mattresses during the potty training years, add extra comfort to your sleep experience, and make keeping your mattress clean as easy as tossing a cover in the washing machine. Pick up a cotton mattress pad or waterproof mattress cover today!

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