Using Gray in the Bedroom

On first thought, gray may seem boring or drab to use as part of a color scheme in a bedroom. Gray, however, is gaining in popularity. With its cool, calming effect it can complement just about any color to make a bedroom that is trendy and comfortable.


Shade of Gray

Grays come in all kinds of shades. Some tend to lean more toward neutral, beige and white tones, others towards blue, green and purple tones. Gray can be very light and subtle, or it can be dark and impressionable. There is a gray for every style and taste. To view some examples of the various gray colors, see this slideshow from HouseBeautiful .

Pairing Colors with Gray

Depending on what shade of gray you choose, it can be paired with just about any color. One very popular color combination is a medium, stone gray paired with a bright, goldenrod yellow. Chalkier grays will go well with dusty pastels such as lavender and pink. Charcoal grays will complement deep reds and dusky oranges. You can also get a very classic, sophisticated look with gray, black and white.

Using Gray

There are several ways you can pair grays with other colors in your bedroom.  You can paint the walls gray and use a solid color for your bedding and window treatments.  Wallpaper is also regaining popularity. Gray paint would be the perfect accompaniment to a print wallpapered accent wall. Gray also works as the single accent wall with pastels as the main wall color. Another popular trend is to use gray for the wall color and white for the trim.


If you are considering redecorating your bedroom, think about gray as a color option. It is versatile, so you can mix and match with it, as your tastes change, without needing to repaint. Gray can be soothing and calming, especially the blue tones of gray, which is ideal for a bedroom environment. Gray can also be the perfect background for a favorite piece of art or a decorative headboard. A simple gray will draw attention to the art and will prevent the room from feeling cluttered and busy. There are a number of advantages to using gray and when used creatively, gray will be anything but drab and dull.

Photo “Master Bedroom Accent Wall”  courtesy of Ilovebutter.

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