Unique Headboards

Traditionally, bedroom furniture has come in matching sets, neat wooden head and foot boards that match neat wooden dressers, bed tables and armoires. Lately, the trend is shifting. Bedroom pieces no longer have to match to be stylish and headboards do not have to be made from wood. There are a variety of unique headboard ideas that can add character to your bedroom.

No Headboard

One option is to go without a headboard. A boldly painted wall, or a pretty painted design can easily take the place of a headboard. You can also place a favorite, large work of art over the bed as an alternate to a headboard. The painted design in this picture creates the illusion of a beautiful headboard, without having one at all.

Photo “Painted Headboard 1” courtesy of Charlene Jaszewski


Salvaged Materials

Another inexpensive option for a headboard is one made from materials found in flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops or even burn piles. Old doors, shutters, barn windows, even vintage signs can make beautiful country looking backdrops for a bed. HGTV.com features several examples of these types of headboards.

Photo “refurbished headboard” courtesy of Liz Mc





You can also repurpose the headboard you already have. There are several methods for creating slipcovers that can give your old headboard a new look. A few yards of material can transform you bedroom. HGTV.com gives instructions for how to sew a slipcover for a headboard. DIY Network also offers instructions for making a cloth headboard with a plywood back.


Materials Other Than Wood

When shopping for a new headboard, consider what style and ambience you want to have in your room. Make sure the headboard you choose promotes that ambience. For example, consider wicker for a country room, or thatch for an airy, beach-like room. Metal can create a modern or industrial look. Wrought iron can create a classic, formal look. Mirrors can also inspire a formal or modern look, depending on how they are used.

Photo “Sunlight in My Bedroom” courtesy of Jennifer Boyer

The New Rule

The new rule in bedroom fashion is there are no rules. The more you think outside the box, the more unique and beautiful your bedroom will be. You can easily change your bedroom decor without spending too much money. A little work and a lot of creativity can result in a bedroom that you can enjoy and show off!


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