The Story with Ergonomic Pillows


Our bodies are wondrous creations!


However, as wonderfully made as we are, over time we all face some physical challenges. One such challenge has to do with the way we position ourselves each night when we lay down for bed.

A common occurrence many are familiar with is the stiff neck in the morning. The situation often happens when you go to bed really exhausted and fall asleep almost instantly. The trouble occurs if you are unable to correctly position your head on your pillow before you drift off to dream.

When your neck gets out of position you will likely experience some discomfort in your neck, shoulders and back the next morning.

How can you avoid this situation?

Ergonomic pillows present one option, but when you understand the situation you’ll realize there are other options for resting your head each night.

Ergonomic Pillows and Other Options

Tension is the sleeping culprit. It is tension that often causes stress on the muscles, nerves and bones. This tension creates the dull or even sharp pain often felt in the morning.

The design of ergonomic pillows is sound and was created to solve sleeping issues. There is a slight rise in the pillow under the neck, a dip for the head and a rise in the back to further support the head.

Ergonomic pillows remind people of stiff foam and discomfort. The discomfort has often made people shy away from using them choosing instead to search for just the right regular pillow.

Today, there are options beyond the standard sleeping pillow.

For side sleepers, an organic buckwheat pillow might serve well. The height is perfect for the side sleeper as the pillow keeps the spine at the correct angle while providing a solid yet comfortable setting for the head throughout the night.

Sometimes a smaller pillow is what people need. Often, your head can get propped up too high on a pillow that is too large. This causes pain. There are even some smaller, adjustable pillows that make it easy to adapt to your personal setting.

There are more options than traditional ergonomic pillows. You are no longer stuck with the foam pillows. Check out options like buckwheat, adjustable or even a smaller pillow to see if you can find the pillow that is right for your unique body type and sleeping position.

Your body is a remarkable creation. Take care of it and feel great each morning with a pillow designed specifically for you.


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