Sofa Beds ~ The Perfect Solution for Limited Space

Moving into a new house or apartment can be exciting. Figuring out where to put your belongings can be a bit unsettling though, not to mention where or how you will accommodate overnight guests when the time comes. For tight spaces, consider obtaining a sofa bed. Perfect for the common areas, game rooms, studies, or for new families whose bedroom space comes at a premium, you’ll be able to provide accommodations for overnight guests while saving space for your children’s needs and your daily affairs. Sturdier and more elegant than a futon, it’s easy to find one that looks great and fits your budget. There are also slip covers to match various sizes for just the right touch to your new home.

There are many styles available to fit your comfort and space needs. Several sizes are displayed, often including possible upgrades for mattresses to suit your soft or firm preferences. Most commonly you will find Full size or Queen size mattresses that typically come standard with sofa beds, but there are a few new options that have recently hit the market that are selling fast. These new additions include Queen (60×80), Olympic Queen (66×80), and now King (76×80) sizes, and also feature upgrade mattress options. Many sofa beds come equipped with additional storage space in hidden compartments to store linens, pillows, and blankets. Now that you’ve found your space saving solution, it’s time to find the right linens that will fit your new sofa bed.

Finding properly fitting sofa bed sheets can be challenging at first, especially since the standard Full and Queen size sofa beds are not the same measurement as the conventional Full and Queen beds. Although the width is the same as the conventional sizes, the length is shorter at 72” each.  The mattress depth is also quite shallow in comparison to standard beds. Most sofa bed mattresses are four to six inches deep, so even if you have a standard size Queen, Olympic Queen or King size sofa bed, the conventional deep pocket sheets sold in department stores will make for a sloppy fit with a lot of bunching in the sleep surface.

So where do you find properly fitting sofa bed sheets?

Cozytown Linens offers a variety of sofa bed sheets as well as sofa bed mattress pads that are designed specifically for sofa beds. If you happen to have an older style with the uncomfortable support bar on the underside, a foam sofa bed mattress pad is a great way to give new life to an old mattress, allowing your guests a more restful night’s sleep. And to help protect your hard earned investment you may want to consider a waterproof sofa cover.

Whether you are considering purchasing a new sofa bed or have an existing one, spending a little more money on properly fitting sofa bed linens is a wise investment. You and your  guests will be glad you did.

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