Shifting Trends in Mattress Sizes

Shallow mattresses to fit low profile and platform beds may seem Herculeslike a new trend, but the fact is, shallow depth mattresses have been around for decades. Before deep mattresses became popular, standard mattresses were typically around eight to ten inches deep and step stools certainly weren’t needed to climb into bed. Beds were easy to make and you didn’t need muscles like Hercules to lift the mattress and tuck the sheets under.



Bed sheets were easy to find in department stores. You bought what you liked and they fit well. They weren’t too big or too small.

Like Goldilocks would say, they were “just right”.


Shifting Trends

As life goes, nothing stays the same forever, and somewhere in the 1990’s the trend shifted to very deep mattresses, with some as deep as 20” to 22” thick. When they first became popular, finding deep pocket bed sheets to fit these monstrosities was a problem, because bed manufacturers do not consult with bed linen manufacturers before deciding to make a certain size bed. Yes, as crazy as that sounds, it is true. As a result, those who bought the deep mattresses were left searching for sheets to fit, which were found only in specialty linen stores.

It took a few years before the bed linen manufacturers caught on and starting making deep pocket fitted sheets and it’s now very common to find sheet sets in department stores with fitted pockets of 18” and 21” deep. As a matter of fact, that’s pretty much all you can find in stores these days…deep pocket fitted sheets. That solved the problem for those who have very thick mattresses, but opened the door to……

A new dilemma

Now that only deep pocket sheets line store shelves, with no shallow pocket fitted sheets to be found, those who have a thinner mattress are now the ones searching for bed sheets to fit. As my father used to say, “It’s the same thing, only different.

This is a complaint we hear every day and once again we’re here to help. At Cozytown Linens, we offer fitted sheets in one inch increments starting at 6” deep up to 25” deep, to accommodate both the shallow and deep mattresses. No matter what size mattress you have, we have sheets that fit. And best of all, they are made right here in the USA!

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