Sealy Aims to Stay Cool with New Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sealy has made an innovation in mattresses.

Sealy, one of the world’s largest mattress brands, has made another breakthrough in sleep comfort. The company is planning to release a new gel memory foam mattress that will keep sleepers nice and cool.

From Sealy Expands Posturepedic Line With New Gel Option:

OptiCool™ gel memory foam is fused with OUTLAST® material, which is more effective for removing excess heat during the night.

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This new mattress technology promises to provide a cooler sleeping situation for customers. In the past, memory foam mattresses have had a tendency to retain some heat. As sleepers rest, they give off body heat and memory foam mattresses would retain some of that heat.

As a result, sleepers could become too hot causing some discomfort. This was only a small issue with memory mattresses, which have been extremely popular in recent years. Memory foam provides a comfortable sleeping mattress and eliminates most of the toss and turn from a sleeping partner in the night.

But the heat has been the one small issue with memory foam. Now, Sealy has improved on the memory foam mattress by eliminating some of memory foam’s heat-retaining ability. The new gel solution promises to keep people cooler, which could lead to even better sleep.

We’ve mentioned before here on the Cozytown blog that the ideal temperature for sleeping is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature allows the body to rest comfortably while allowing a person the best chance to sleep a full 8 hours.

Memory foam has been popular in the mattress world for about 15 to 20 years. Before becoming popular as a mattress solution, memory foam was developed back in the 1960s as a way to improve cushions for various vehicles including the space shuttle and airplanes.

Today, memory foam remains a popular solution for various consumer goods, but the mattress is one of the most popular.

With the various solutions, sizes and styles of memory foam offer something for everyone; it can be difficult to find sheets for memory foam mattresses. Custom sheets can go a long way to topping off your memory foam mattress purchase.

The sheets may not be as important as the mattress, but you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of that mattress when you lay down to sleep.

If you plan on investing in one of the new Sealy gel foam mattresses be sure to report back.

We’re curious to see how effective it can be at keeping things cool.

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