Save Space With An Attractive Daybed

What comes to mind when you think of a daybed? Daybed

Images of daybeds often bring about memories of grandma’s spare bedroom. It may have been the sunny corner of the attic where only a few guests ventured to stay.

Daybeds seem to have gotten a bad reputation over the years. They are often an afterthought.

Most daybeds have been offered with only a gold colored metal frame with floral patterns.

The purpose of the daybed still remains.

The good news is that there are plenty of great options for re-thinking the daybed today.

The Space Saving, Modern Daybed

A daybed is the size of a twin bed.

Daybeds are typically enclosed on three sides forming the look of a couch with a large seating area.

This is where the appeal of the daybed originated.

Daybeds have been used for spare rooms that allow for a single guest to sleep while leaving the room open to normal activities like sitting and visiting during the daytime.

Because the daybed brings about memories of floral patterns and gold metal frames, it is often forgotten in modern room designs. But the space saving advantages of the daybed make it perfect for a variety of modern rooms.

Daybeds are perfect for offices, family rooms and even dining rooms. A daybed typically takes up about the same space as a regular couch. Daybeds are a few inches deeper than typical sofas. But your company will much prefer resting on an actual mattress rather than a sofa when they visit.

For the modern office, either at work or at home, a daybed offers a great a place for reading and dozing off for a quick afternoon nap. There are modern designs that offer sleek lines and contrasting accents. Linens for daybeds can be matched to meet the setting of the room. No longer does floral have to be the norm for modern daybeds.

If you have a home that lacks enough space for all the company you can have staying over on weekends then a daybed is a great option for the living room or sitting room. You can use the bed as a place to sit and watch movies during your regular days at the house and use it as a bed when company visits.

There are places for daybeds in just about every home. You can have company over for the weekend and let them sleep in a comfortable bed instead of the mattress.

The modern, space saving daybed is just what you need to make your guests feel at home.

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