Reviving Old Sheets with Dye


Refresh old sheets with new color!


The rejuvenated color will add a fresh look to your bedrooms and help your sheets look more like new.

The easiest way to dye your sheets is in the washing machine. If you follow  Rit’s instructions carefully and run an empty wash with detergent and bleach after your dye project, there is no risk of staining other clothes with stray dye.

You can also dye your sheets in a bucket. Sweetly Inspired recommends using a large, plastic storage tubs for big dyeing projects such as sheets. This method is a bit more involved because you will be required to stir and mix the sheets yourself. 


Rit dye is very common to and easy to use. There are other options available as well such as Procion. Dyes are easiest to find at craft stores or online. Some require fixatives to keep the color from running or to brighten the color. Cotton and other cellulose materials will require salt to brighten the color.


If you are trying to cover stains, you will want to use a dark color. Grays, browns, dark red, dark blue and dark green are all ideal for this kind of project.  Rit’s website has a fun color chart that can help you choose a color and give you instructions for mixing the color. Be sure to wash your sheets and treat any stains before you dye them. This will help the dye go further in hiding any unsightly spots and spills.

More Than Sheets

Apartment Therapy also suggests dyeing slip covers on furniture to bring new life to chairs and couches without having to reupholster. Not only will dye cover dingy, dirty fabric, but it will allow you to redecorate without having to buy new furniture. Refresh the color in any space with a few bottles of dye.

Dye isn’t just for tie dying T-Shirts anymore. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your old sheets. If you planning to dispose them anyway, you have nothing to lose! With a bit of dye and some work you can update all of your old decor and give it a new flair. What creative ways have you used dye to restore and refresh old items?

Image: “Dye” by Basheer Tome

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