Recycling Bed Sheets

There comes a day when even the most quality bed sheet has outlived it’s function on the bed. It has become torn, worn, or simply doesn’t fit your style anymore. You can avoid adding one more item to a landfill by repurposing your old bedsheets. There are a number of new uses for old sheets and they always come in handy.


First, if your bedsheets are in good condition and don’t match your style anymore, consider donating them to Goodwill or other charity.  There is always a need for affordable, quality bedsheets.


Bed sheets worn beyond use on a bed are great to have on hand for painting, a307930173_47cc362f31rt projects, outside picnics, protecting furniture from pets or slumber party treats and any other time you might want to save something from getting dirty.  You can cut them into much smaller pieces and use them as dust rags. Tear sheets in strips and use them in the garden to tie up veggies that need support or climbers that are just getting started.


If you have kids, you can cut them into smaller pieces with holes in the top and use them as painting smocks. Left whole, they are also fun for building forts. White or light colored sheets can be hung outside on a fence or clothesline to use as a canvas. Let kids paint on them with tempera paint or fill spray bottles with water and food coloring and let them spray the sheets. Use them to make curtains or a blind for a makeshift puppet theatre. For an outdoor group game; have two groups of kids hold the edges of two different sheets, put water balloons in the sheet and have the kids toss them back and forth in the sheets. You can even do this over a volleyball net. Let kids be imaginative with them, they can often find many uses adults would never think of. It is a good exercise in creativity.


Bedskirts can be made by using the sheet as the inside material with a chosen pattern of fabric sewn around the outside edge. Measure carefully so the material will fall in the desired position. Rag rugs can also be braided from old sheets.  Craft Passion has instructions for a braided rug. Heartland Living on a Budget provides instructions for crocheting a rug.


The uses for bedsheets are only limited by your creativity. Re-purposing sheets is a great way to care for the environment and to have a useful tool around the house. Do you have a favorite use for old sheets? When has an old sheet come in handy?

Photo “The OTHER fun thing I did this weekend” courtesy of Anathea Utley

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