Preparing a Nursery

There are so many exciting plans and preparations when welcoming a new baby into a home. One of the most fun projects can be decorating a nursery. With so many options available it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few tips and ideas to create a fun nursery you and your baby will love.

preparing a nurseryStyle and Colors

As you start out, you should choose a style you enjoy and that is comfortable for you. Your baby probably won’t have an opinion about the decor for a few more years. Choose colors and patterns that you like. Many colors beyond the traditional pastel pinks and blues are popular right now. Try combinations like grey and orange, neutral browns and greens, and bright orange and turquoise.


Plan several options for lighting. There will be times you want the nursery to be bright and to encourage play. Other times you will want the nursery dim and quiet. Be sure to find soft lamps to accompany any overhead lighting.

Framed Art

Babies love to look at pictures; faces, bold shapes and patterns in contrasting colors are particularly stimulating. You can easily cut pictures out of old story books, use patterned scrapbook paper, or blow up pictures of family and frame them to hang on the nursery wall. Bulletin boards are also fun to hang up pictures of friends, family, special places, and cards.


Wall decals are particularly popular right now. They are an easy way to add a personal touch to a wall. They are also removable once your child becomes old enough to want something different.


Mobiles are also an attractive addition that can stimulate your baby in the crib or on the changing table. There are all kinds of do it yourself mobile ideas available, like using colorful pictures from magazines cut into shapes and strung on fishing line or colorful ribbon. offers some mobile safety tips to keep in mind as you craft your mobile.

Just Right for You

Ultimately, your baby’s nursery should be just right for you and your family. Make sure you have everything you need easily accessible, from diapers to bedtime stories. Invest in comfortable and safe furniture and decorations. Sleepless nights might be more bearable when you are cuddling your baby in a room you love.

Photo “Baby’s Nursery” courtesy of Caleb Zahnd


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