Popularity of Adjustable Beds is on the Rise

Adjustable beds, once thought of as a novelty, are becoming quite popular, especially among the baby-boomer generation. These beds boast many advantages, both medical and practical, that have helped fuel their popularity. Many of those who purchase adjustable beds list health reasons as the factor that influenced their decision. Still others enjoy the convenience of being able to read or watch television in bed while remaining comfortable.Adjustable Bed Sheets

The most popular sizes are the split adjustable beds, which are two beds placed side by side and adjust independently: Split Queen (two 30 x 80 beds), Split King (two 39 x 80 beds) and Dual California King (two 36 x 84 beds). These sizes are perfect for couples since they allow each person to set the bed at the angle that suits him or her without disturbing their partner.

Where to buy Adjustable Bed Sheets

Adjustable beds require sheets that are specially designed to ensure that the fitted sheet will not pop off the corner of the mattress when the head and/or foot of the bed are raised. If you are considering purchasing an adjustable bed, it is important to know where to buy sheets, so that you can begin using your new bed as soon as it is delivered.

For the best fit, purchase your bedding from a company that specializes in adjustable bed sheets. Properly fitting sheets will not only ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep, but will save you time and money in the future from having to replace ill fitting sheets. Save money and buy the size that fits right the first time.

Cozytown Linens is proud to offer adjustable bed sheets. With nearly twelve years of experience, we have provided thousands of customers with perfectly fitting sheets. And best of all, they are made in the USA! With two styles to choose from: Conventional and Adjustable Bed Sheets with Wings, as well as several fabrics and colors, you will be sure to find perfectly fitting, luxurious sheets to match your lifestyle and décor.

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