How to Make Your Bed Like a Luxury Hotel

How To Make Your Bed Like a Luxury Hotel
There is perhaps no better feeling than climbing into a freshly made bed.

The bedroom is a person’s sanctuary and the centerpiece is the bed. The best in the business are the hotels. When a person walks into a hotel room the first thing they notice is the bed.

Having this impression at home would be something most of us would love to come home to each night.

Make Your Bed Like a Luxury Hotel

At home, fitted sheets are something most have for their ease of use. Custom fitted sheets have been an even greater improvement as mattresses have taken on many shapes and sizes over the years.

If you have fitted sheets, as most do, you can skip to the Part 2 of the instructions.

Bed Making Instructions

1)  Spread your standard sheet over the bed. Ensure there is approximately the same amount of material hanging over each side. Create a tight corner by pulling up slightly approximately six to twelve inches away from the first corner. Tuck the corner of the sheet under the bed making sure to spread the sheet under the mattress. Do not bunch the sheet. Next, fold over the part of the sheet in your hand under the bed. Repeat for each corner.

2)  The top layer standard sheet comes next.  Lay it over the bed, spread evenly on each side. Now, if you want more layers, like a winter blanket to go between your bed and the comforter you can lay it out. Once one or both are applied evenly you can tuck the sides under the corners as mentioned in Step1. Roll back the sheet approximately six to twelve inches back from the top of the bed and tuck remaining overhang. This should leave room for the pillows to rest.

3)  Finally, apply the comforter, evenly spread over the mattress. Fold the comforter back approximately six to twelve inches at the head of the bed.

Other Notes

There are a few variations to making the bed like a luxurious hotel. It is all about personal preference, but it seems most people like a bed that is made tight, clean and crisp.

Make it part of your daily routine to spend about two minutes making the bed. You’ll thank yourself each night. There is nothing like diving your toes down into the tightly tucked sheet.

You’ll be sleeping sound just like in a luxury hotel.


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