How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Sofa beds, also called pull-out-couches, are a great way to accommodate guests when bedroom space is limited. They allow you to welcome guests into your home when your living space is limited and does not include a guest room.

Even though sofa beds may not have the same comfort level as a conventional bed, there are ways to enhance the comfort of a sofa bed.


Depending on the style and quality of the mattress, you may need to add a mattress topper for added padding. This is especially important if the sofa bed frame contains a support bar under the middle section of the mattress. Since sofa bed mattresses are typically four to five inches thick, the bar can sometimes be felt through the mattress.


Slip and Slide

Often, regularly sized sheet sets will not fit a sofa bed. They are either slightly too large, causing uncomfortable wrinkles in the bed or too small causing the corners of the fitted sheets to come off while your guest sleeps.

Just the Right Size

Ordering appropriately sized sheets will create the perfect space for you guests to enjoy a relaxing night of sleep. Cozytown Linens offers sheet sets designed specifically for sofa beds. They are available in either 8 inch or 6 inch pocket depth, so be sure to measure your sofa bed before you order. The flat sheets included in these sheet sets also have a fitted bottom so that they stay in place while your guest sleeps.

Extra Softness

In addition to sheets, a mattress pad will provide extra comfort for your guests and protect your sofa bed mattress so it can have a longer life. The metal frames of sofa beds can often be felt through the thinner mattresses of the sofa bed. This leaves a guest feeling an uncomfortable metal bar across their back during the night. To prevent pain and an uneasy night of sleep you can add a foam mattress topper to the sofa bed. Cozytown Linens sells a foam mattress pad that provides extra cushioning to prevent discomfort.  The thick foam pad has a quilted surface to provide a soft place to rest. It is attached with thick anchor straps at each corner to prevent the mattress pad from slipping.

Go Out of Your Way

Help your guests feel welcome and get a good night’s rest by providing an inviting, cozy sofa bed. They may not have their own bedroom, but you can help them feel comfortable with luxurious, stay-put sheets, a soft mattress pad and a warm comforter. Going out of your way to make up a nice bed for your guests will help them feel at home. What other ways do you help guests feel welcome in your home?

Photo courtesy of Cozytown Linens

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