How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

When I was newly married and setting up my house, my linen closet was immaculate. I would fold and refold towels so that they fit perfectly on each shelf. I was very meticulous, but only because I had the time to be. It was fun making the closet look like a photo shoot from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. My mom told me that when I got older I wouldn’t care how the towels were folded, I would only be glad they were all clean and in the closet. I can remember that day like it was yesterday, and here I am twenty-one years and three children later, and she was right! My closet surely doesn’t look like it used to, but the towels are clean, they’re somewhat stacked, and I am happy.

Learning how to fold bottom fitted sheets wasn’t quite as easy as the towels. It took a little more time (and patience), but I’ve had many years to practice, and even more so being in the bed linen business. I stumbled upon this great video by Jill Cooper from which demonstrates how to fold a fitted sheet. Neatly folded sheets really do save space in the closet. (I haven’t lost all of my senses – I still like a somewhat organized closet).

I hope you find this video to be helpful. Be sure to check out Jill’s website too. She has a lot of money saving tips, coupons, great recipes and more!


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