How to Clean a Bed Comforter

How to Clean a Bed Comforter

The comforter is your bed’s first impression.

When you walk into your bedroom the comforter is the first thing you will see. It’s the crown jewel of the room.

Being it’s the center of attention, it’s important to keep your comforter clean.

Here are a few tips to help you with cleaning your bed comforter.


How to Clean a Bed Comforter

Often, your regular washing machine cycle is not best for your comforter. For most comforters made today it is appropriate to use the washing machine, but there are specific settings to use for large, delicate items such as comforters.

For common comforter fabrics such as cottons, you can use your washing machine on a delicate setting with cold water. The delicate setting will simulate hand washing that cleans your cotton duvet cover or comforter thoroughly while not damaging the softness of the material.

Hand washing is a safe option for most comforters. You can use a deep laundry tub or even your bathtub (we’ll save bathtub cleaning for another article). Use gentle detergent and work your hands through the material. Allow the comforter to soak so as to allow anything in the threads of the comforter to release.

To dry your comforter, place it in a place where it can hang. Exposing the comforter to clean air is often the preferred method of drying if available. You can also use the regular clothes dryer, but be careful. Check the tag on your comforter to ensure it is safe for the dryer. Regardless, run the dryer on the gentle cycle with low heat. Leave enough time for the comforter to dry.


A few final thoughts…

Shake your comforter each week when you wash your bed linens. You don’t necessarily have to wash your comforter as often as you change your linens. You can shake your comforter often to keep it fresh and free from most dust and debris.

You can also vacuum your comforter. Just detach your vacuum’s hand attachment as you pass through when cleaning the bedroom floor. It’s an easy way to clean without having to wash it as often.

Be careful with certain materials. Downs and feathers are typically meant for special care. You won’t want to mess around with these at your home unless you’re skilled in certain dry cleaning methods. Take these comforters to the professionals once or twice each year for a thorough cleaning. You can keep them clean by shaking and vacuuming in between.

Your comforter is the first thing people notice when they enter your bedroom. Make sure you leave a good impression no matter who visits by taking care of your comforter.

Follow these few tips and you should have a fresh and clean comforter all year round.


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