How To Avoid Being Short Sheeted

Make sure you are getting the quality you expect.

Make sure you are getting the quality you expect.

Short sheeting is a prank that siblings and college roommates play on one another. The sheets are tucked into the bed so that the person going to sleep can’t get in the bed.  While short sheeting in dorm rooms is a funny prank, being short-sheeted in the marketplace is not fun. If you are not careful, you can be short sheeted, by getting a lower quality product than you expected, when buying sheets.

It can be hard to find good, quality sheets at a low price. Don’t be fooled by labeling. Crafty wording can make you feel like you are getting a great deal on a quality product. Be sure to look at all of the fine print before you make a purchase.

Tricky Phrases

Often sellers will use catch phrases such “Egyptian quality” in their descriptors or labels. This makes the buyer assume the sheets are made of Egyptian cotton, when really the sheets are not cotton at all. They may be made of polyester or some other fiber.

Sellers can also inflate the thread count. Thread counts much higher than 500 do not necessarily mean better quality. Claims of 1000 or more can make the buyer assume they are getting a durable, ultra soft sheet. However, these claims can be based on how the fibers were counted, rather than a significantly higher number of fibers in the sheet.

Read the Fine Print

To avoid bringing home a set of sheets that is not what you expected, be sure to read all of the labels. Look at the materials so you know what the sheets are made of. Look at the care instructions as well. You don’t want to be surprised with dry clean only if you are expecting to be able to wash them at home. When you are buying online, you may want to look at reviews of the brand before purchasing. You should also find out what the return policy is in case you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

What You Pay For

A low price is not always the best deal. While there can be reasonable prices on sheets, cheap prices often indicate inferior quality. Buying American made, organic, or custom sizes may cost a bit more, but you will have peace of mind knowing you are getting exactly what you want.

Tips to Keep In Mind

Keep these tips in mind to avoid being short-sheeted:

  • Be wary of phrases that don’t convey accurate information about the sheets.
  • Read all of the fine print such as materials and care instructions.
  • Avoid the impulse buy and do your research to get the product you want.

What do you look for when buying sheets? Have you ever been misled by what you thought was a great deal?

Image: “New Sheets” by Tony Alter

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