How Often You Should Change Bed Sheets

How often do you change your bed sheets?

Changing bed sheets is something most people don’t like doing. How Often Should You Change Your Bed Sheets

Yet when it’s done we love the feeling of crawling into a fresh, comfortable bed. There is just something delightful about feeling the soft texture of fresh linens on your body.

The question is – how often should we change our bed sheets?

How Often to Change Bed Sheets

If you’re like most people, you had a mother that got you ready for laundry every Saturday morning.

In most houses, it seems, Saturday is laundry day. Everybody is home from work or school and it’s the perfect time to rally the troops and clean the house.

Changing bed sheets weekly is the best. It can be easy to get into a routine like changing the bed sheets every Saturday or Sunday or any other day of the week that works for you.

The reason weekly changes are good is threefold:

1. Your Body

You spend nearly 8 hours each day in your bed. That is one third of your time each week spent in bed. This is a lot of time and your body will naturally shed skin, release oils and cleanse itself of other items like hair and bacteria.

Changing sheets each week is a good way to cleanse your bed sheets of the items your body discharges each week. Your body knows it has to clean itself. You can do the same each week with your bed sheets.

2. Dust

Dust settles on the floor and on your bed. If you think about how a table or surface looks after just one week then you will realize what your bed likely looks like after the same amount of time.

It’s good to clean your sheets to keep this dust, which is often an allergen, off your body and away from your respiratory system.

3. Bacteria

Bacteria can form anywhere in a short period of time.

It’s good to wash your sheets weekly in hot water to ensure that all bacteria are killed. Most bed sheets today are designed to withstand hot washing cycles.

By using the hot cycle with a good detergent you can ensure all bacteria that forms on your bed throughout the week will be eradicated.

From there, you can make your bed with fresh sheets and rest in peace tonight.

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