Helping Guests Feel Welcome

331725949_2cb1aaf9cdThe holidays are a time when many people host overnight guests. Whether it’s family, friends, or acquaintances passing through, there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid burnout and make your guests feel at home.

1)  The Sleeping Space

Place fresh sheets and extra blankets on your guest’s bed. Sheets that fit well will make an air mattress or sofa bed more comfortable. Make sure the guest has some privacy and is allowed to go to sleep at a reasonable time, especially if they are not sleeping in an individual bedroom. Set out towels and a washcloth on the bed so they are easy to find.

2)  Provide Essentials

Joyful Abode suggests providing an alarm clock, Kleenex and a trash can in the room where your guest is staying. It is also thoughtful to provide a few simple toiletries, such as toothpaste and shampoo, that your guest may have forgotten. A few magazines or short books are also a nice touch.

3) Feeling at Home

Making your guest feel relaxed and at home can be difficult. Simple Mom recommends letting your guest help when they ask “what can I do?” Allow them to lend a hand with the cooking, fill drink glasses or play with the kids. Letting your guest pitch in a little will help them feel relaxed and provide you with needed help.

4) Early Risers

You do not have to be an early riser even if your guest is. Set out some light breakfast items like muffins or bagels and coffee or tea on the counter, advises Simple Mom. Then your guest can eat and relax in the morning and you don’t have to rush to get out of bed. Southern Living also suggests placing a few snacks and bottles of water in your guest’s room. When they need a late night or early morning snack they won’t have to leave their room.

5) Stay Relaxed

Your guests are there because they enjoy spending time with you. Be relaxed and welcoming. Don’t stress about the small stuff. Your house doesn’t need to be perfect. A few thoughtful touches are all your guest needs to feel at home. If you are nervous and on edge your guest will be too.

 Remember having a guest should be fun. Take time to enjoy your friends and family and show them you care about them.

Photo “Sunlit Living Room Waldgrimes, Germany” courtesy of Reiner Kraft

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