Get Chunky for Cozy Winter Bedding

Brrr… Cozy Winter Bedding

Winter weather is still here for most of us. The ground hog saw his shadow and promised 6 more weeks of winter. It’s good for the skiers and snowmobile riders, but bad for those of us that like to stay warm.

For anyone that lives in the northern part of the country you know that February, March and even April can have their share of surprise snow storms and cold spells. This means that you’ll be looking for ways to keep warm and that includes nighttime.

Here are a few tips for staying warm and cozy for these last few months of winter.

Winter Weather Bedding Tips

Winter bedding is something people love. A cozy, warm bed is something to look forward to when the weather turns cold and nasty.

Chunky Fabrics - Heavy blankets that are chunky are great for winter bedding. You can really feel the texture and comfort with blankets that have some density to them. It’s a great way to get warm and comfortable when you lay down in bed.

Layers - Layering is important when you venture outside in the cold, but it’s also perfect for inside. Use layers of sheets and blankets and comforters for your winter bedding layout. Go from the thinnest material all the way up to the chunky, heavy material on the top. A soft linen covered by a heavy comforter can really feel wonderful and it will keep you warm throughout the night.

Bamboo Sheets - In the hot months, it’s important to have a bed linen that wicks away moisture. Bamboo sheets are great for warm weather climates, but the same elements that make bamboo great for summer also make it great for winter. By allowing any moisture to wick away from your body, bamboo sheets can keep your skin comfortably warm in the winter. As you sleep, especially under heavy blankets, you can get a little too warm. To ensure comfort throughout the night you can use bamboo sheets to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night.


Even though the groundhog says more winter is on the way there is no reason to be let down. It means you can enjoy a few more weeks of comfort in bed. There are some great ways to stay warm in bed during the winter and some even prefer the cozy feeling of big, chunky blankets.

They’ll keep you warm until springtime.

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