Finding The Right Size Mattress For Your Room

Are you moving? Is your old mattress worn out? Maybe you are upgrading your child’s bed? There are a lot of good reasons to buy a new mattress. As you search for the perfect mattress one important factor to keep in mind is mattress size.

You want to find a size that is comfortable for you, but also fits in the space you have. It may be tempting to invest in a king sized mattress, but you have to find out if it will fit in your home.


Mattresses come in standard sizes, but manufacturers do not always stick to those sizes. As a result, mattress sizes can vary up to 2 inches in the width and length. Be sure to measure your living space as well as the hallways, doorways and stairwells you will have to move the mattress through before you buy it. Then bring your measuring tape with you as you shop and make sure the mattress will fit.


Large Beds

King sized mattresses are ideal for families. It may seem like a lot of space for two people, but kids and pets can fill it up quickly. It also offers a little extra space when either sleeper moves around a lot. If you need more length than width, consider a  California king mattress. They are four inches longer and four inches narrower than regular king sized mattresses.


Small Beds

Twin sized mattresses are great for kids. They fit nicely into small bedrooms and provide plenty of sleeping space for a child. However, if you are expecting this mattress to last through your child’s teenage years, you may want to consider a full sized bed or a XL twin. A full sized bed will offer more width while remaining the same length as a twin, which according to The Better Sleep Council is 75 inches. An XL twin is only 38 inches wide but offers a few extra inches of length if you are trying to accommodate someone tall without taking up too much space. Most dorm rooms use XL twin sized mattresses.

Daybeds are also a great choice for children and guest rooms. They provide a comfortable sleeping space without taking up too much space. 

Custom Linens

When you choose your mattress size you need to know how much space you have to work with and how much space you need to sleep. You end up with an irregularly sized mattress. It may be a few inches thicker or thinner than standard mattresses and it may vary in width and height. If you have trouble finding bedding that fits your mattress, Cozytown Linens offers custom linens. They can help you find bedding that will fit just right for a comfortable night of sleep.  

Photo “gasl_twin_beds” courtesy of Sarah Embaby

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