Finding the Perfect Bunk Bed

If you have a full home and need a little extra space, bunk beds are an excellent option. Lifting a bed off the ground clears up floor space for other furniture, storage  space or play space. Bunk beds are just right for kids sharing a room, or even a guest room that doubles as an office or crafting space. When you are buying a bunk bed here is what to look for:


The number one priority for your children is safety. You don’t want to lose sleep worrying about your kid’s safety while they sleep. Make sure the top bunk has sturdy rails. One wide rail or several smaller rails should be enough. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with the sturdiness of the beds. Most will be safe, but depending on the frame style some appear more sturdy than others. You may want to choose a heavier wooden frame bunk bed rather than a lighter weight metal frame bed. All bunk beds should have a staircase or ladder that can allow easy access and exit for your child. If you have a younger child, make sure the design is appropriate for their age.


Do want extra storage? Many bunk beds come with drawers fitted in the bottom. Some have broad staircases with drawers or cabinets on the side. If you only need one sleeping space, the captain’s bed pictured provides plenty of extra storage and a fun place to sleep. You can also find lofted beds with desks underneath.


There are a lot of unique, beautiful bunk bed designs on the market. You don’t have to sacrifice style for space. Apartment Therapy provides a list of trendy bunk beds in this post. One convenient feature to look for is the ability to detach the bunk beds and use them as individual freestanding beds. When you kids outgrow sharing a room or some free space opens up you won’t have to buy new beds.


Most bunk beds come in a standard twin size, but some are extra long or full size. Be sure to clarify when you are purchasing the beds. Knowing the right size will be essential when buying bedding.

Bunk beds can be a great investment to free up some needed space in your household. Take care as you shop to find a bunk bed that you love for its style and safety features. If you take you time and find what you are looking for, bunk beds can be a fun part of your home for a long time.


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