Feather Beds vs. Fiber Bed Mattress Toppers

Getting a relaxing, refreshing night’s rest is not only about the mattress. Sheets with high-thread counts, large, fluffy pillows and bed toppers can all be part of the equation to turn the bed into the perfect resting spot. If added comfort is the goal, a luxurious bed topper is the answer. Bed toppers can be either feather beds or fiber beds. Each option has different benefits, but once the correct one is chosen, the end-result is the same: a more comfortable bed for optimal rest. Feather Bed verses Fiber Bed

Feather beds are made either from 100 percent feathers or a mixture of snow-white feathers and down. This fill material allows feather beds to provide additional warmth, an added benefit for the cold months. Some feather beds are large enough that they create the illusion of a cocoon to sleep in, not on, when placed on the bed. Though the styles and thickness of each feather bed varies, most styles tend to be between two and three inches thick.

Fiber beds are made with polyester fill so that they are hypo-allergenic, providing the coziness of an old fashioned featherbed without the allergy worries.

Both hypo-allergenic fiber beds and feather bed toppers vary in size and weight. Weight is either calculated in pounds or ounces, and the higher weight is an indication of higher quality. They each are available in a variety of fabric coverings and thread counts.

Whether your goal is to revive an old mattress or create a luxurious sleeping environment, a feather or fiber bed is a great investment.

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