Fabric Care Tips

1)    To help reduce wrinkling of cotton fabrics, wash items using the permanent press or delicate settings.  The slower spin cycles will help to keep wrinkles from being deeply set into the fabric.  Also, promptly remove items from the dryer when the cycle has ended.  If you have a cool-down setting on your dryer, this is a great feature which keeps clothes tumbling until you are able to get there and remove them from the dryer.

2)    Always wash cotton fabrics in cold water to reduce shrinkage, and wash separately from other fabrics.  Blended fabrics, especially those containing polyester, act as an abrasive.  This can cause the cotton fibers to prematurely wear and pill.

3)    Use liquid detergents for cold water washes; powders will not dissolve well and will leave a white residue on dark clothes.

4)    Too much bleach in your wash will turn some white fabrics yellow and will also cause fabric threads to break down.

5)     Hang your laundry outside to dry as much as possible. This not only saves electricity, but also helps your laundry to last longer. All the lint in your dryer is actually small particles of the cloth being worn away.

6)     It is important to clean your dryer lint filter after each load.  Lint build-up on the filter increases drying time as well as electricity/gas costs.

7)     When washing comforters and delicate quilts, it is best to wash them in a washer that does not have an agitator.  This helps to reduce stress on the fabric.

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  1. Ann says:

    Great article! It makes sense; I own both types and love them
    both for the reasons you stated.
    I am looking forward to reading more of your expertise about beds and bedding

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