Electric Blanket or Heated Mattress Pad
Is there really a difference?

For decades, electric blankets have been the mainstay of keeping warm on cold winter nights.  If you typically use an electric blanket, then you know how wonderful it feels to slip beneath its warmth.

heated mattress padNow imagine if you will, trading your electric blanket for something even better. “What could possibly be better than an electric blanket?”, you ask.  The fact is, a heated mattress pad is more efficient and more soothing than an electric blanket. Yes, believe it or not, it’s true.

As wonderful as electric blankets are, they warm only the upper side of your body, and since heat naturally rises, much of the heat escapes through the bed covers and into the room.

Alternatively, heated mattress pads radiate heat from below, surrounding your entire body with warmth and comfort.  As a result, heated mattress pads are more efficient and cost effective, saving you money.   As another added benefit, it’s hidden under your fitted sheet where it is protected from soil and wear. There’s no need to remove it in the summer months, so no matter what the season, it’s there whenever you feel chilly—just reach over and turn it on.

When it comes to keeping warm this winter, consider the benefits of a heated mattress pad over the traditional electric blanket.  You’ll be glad you did.

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