Do It Yourself Duvets

Duvet covers are an essential part of caring for a down comforter. They offer protection and are easy to wash. They also add to the style and decor of your room. You can purchase beautiful, high quality duvet covers. However, if you change your decor often or have a particular color or print in mind, it may be difficult to find a cover that fits your needs. Fortunately, duvet covers are not hard to make yourself. Most do require a sewing machine and a little sewing knowledge, but they are not very difficult or time consuming.

Here are a few ideas for making your own duvet cover:


Prudent Baby offers quick and easy instructions for sewing a duvet cover using a snap kit for closures.  The author includes standard measurements for all sizes of bedding so you can make yours according to the appropriate size.


You can add texture to a duvet cover made from two plain flat sheets by adding pin tucks in an informal grid throughout the material. 4965028976_61a22a4fc5Living On The Chic provides step by step instructions with pictures for making the pin tucks. 


All sewing a duvet cover requires is enough fabric to cover the comforter. You may have to sew several strips of material together to achieve the appropriate width. You can use fabric, flat sheets or a combination of the two. Plain flat sheets make great backings for patterned material on the top. You can also reuse sheets you have around the house.

Tips to Make It Easier

Make sure you wash and iron all of the fabric before you begin sewing. Then it will be preshrunk and easy to match the edges. Make the duvet a little larger than the comforter so that you will allow for the seams and have plenty of room to get the comforter ing and out of the cover.

Hem the top of the duvet where the closures will go before you sew the top and bottom of duvet cover together. Velcro, buttons and snaps can all be used for closures. 

Start Simple

With a little time and a small investment you can have your own beautiful duvet cover. If you are new to sewing, this is a great project to try. It will be very forgiving and you can hone your skills before advancing to something more complicated.

Photo “Duvet Cover” courtesy of hayzeleyes

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