Blue in Your Bedroom

It can be difficult to choose colors when decorating your bedroom. There are many factors to consider such as matching the carpet, paint or wallpaper, as well as personal taste. But, before you put up a new coat of paint, you may want to consider the psychological effects of the color you choose. There are a number of reasons the color blue might be a good color for a bedroom.


Blue has a calming effect. Having light blues in your bedroom could physically calm your body and help relieve stress. This calm will help you associate your bedroom with relaxation, which in turn will help you sleep better. The color of your walls may help you have a better night of sleep and start the day more relaxed.

Loss of Appetite

Blue has another surprising effect. It can suppress the appetite. Color Matters points out that blue is the least common occurring color in natural foods. As a result, our bodies aren’t stimulated to eat when we see it. If you suffer from wanting to eat during the night, or waking to snack, you may want to consider using blue in your room. It is possible that when blue is the last color you see before you go to sleep, you will not feel the need for a midnight snack.

The Downside

Blue may be a wise choice for paint or other decor, such as a comforter, in your bedroom, but don’t go overboard painting your whole house blue. While it may keep you from gaining weight, too much blue can have negative effects as well, causing a person to feel cold, sad, or depressed. If you are feeling down, you may want to use some sunnier shades such as red or orange in other areas of the house.

Resting Well

While choosing colors for your bedroom is often a matter of taste, it can also be a matter of emotional health as well. Be aware of how you react to specific colors and choose something that will help you be relaxed and rest well in that space. It is likely that blue has a calming effect, and will suppress your appetite, but there is potential to make you feel down as well. Consider using warm shades of blue that evoke images of the ocean or sky, rather than colder shades of blue. How do you respond to different colors? Have you ever painted or decorated a room according to how a specific color makes you feel?


Photo “Painting the Sky” courtesy of Joey Lim

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