Be King of Your Bedroom with Eastern King Sheets

With all of the different bed sizes being offered on the market these days, finding just the right size sheets for your bed can sometimes be challenging. For example, when it comes to Standard King, Eastern King, and California King mattresses, so many people are left scratching their head when it is time to buy new bed sheets.

Eastern King vs. Standard King vs. California King

Many believe that the California King mattress is the largest, however by square inch the Eastern King is actually the largest of all three. That is only part of the story though. The California King is longer and narrower; the Eastern King and Standard King are shorter but wider. Here are the measurements:

Standard King Size Mattress: 76 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Eastern King Size Mattress: 78 inches wide x 80 inches long.

Western (California) King Size Mattress: 72 inches wide x 84 inches long.

With the size difference between the Eastern King and California King beds, I have to wonder what the bed manufacturers are trying to tell us. Do they assume that Californians are tall and slender and the folks on the East Coast are short and wide? What’s up with that?

It’s not really a question of which size is better, but which one is right for you. Often individuals over 6’ tall prefer the California King due to the extra length. Also, having limited space in a bedroom may be another reason to consider the California King over an Eastern King size bed since the width of the Cal King is a little wider than a Queen, yet not the full width of the Standard and Eastern King. For those couples and individuals who prefer to have more room to stretch out, the Eastern King or Standard King is often preferred. To find out which type you have you can always check the tag, or if the tag is missing (uh-oh, did you remove the tag that says “do not remove”) you can always measure the mattress to be sure of its size.

So Where Do You Find Eastern King Bed Sheets?

Sometimes Eastern King and California King sheets are difficult to find because mattresses of other sizes are much more common. Typically, department stores only carry sheets for the Standard King, leaving the California King and Eastern King Sheets to be found only in specialty bedding stores. And if you are looking for a specific look, thread count, or fabric, it can make an already difficult task even more challenging. So to help you with your bedding needs, we offer all of the wonderfully durable and comfortable Eastern King and California King Sheets you could possibly want, with colors galore to match your décor. And best of all, they are made right here in the USA!

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