Antique Beds No Longer an Item of the Past

Antique beds, once relegated to basements and attics as family relics, are making a major comeback. Whether for their smaller, yet comfortable size, the beautiful design, detail and craftsmanship they normally possess, or for their sentimental value, these beds are quickly becoming increasingly popular for small bedrooms and guest rooms.

An antique bed, also called a ¾ bed or ¾ full, typically measures 48 inches wide by 75 inches long. This means that it retains the length of a conventional full-size bed but is actually six inches narrower. This particular size is a big part of its appeal, since it can fit comfortably into smaller bedrooms, allowing for cozy, elegant room design that is not completely manipulated by either a too-small or too-large bed. The size is also similar to that of the beds installed in RVs. However, RV beds are usually longer, measuring 80 inches long, instead of 75. They do retain the same width of 48 inches.

Since many antique beds have been passed Antique Bed Linensdown through the years within a family, most people either have a frame with a very old mattress or just the antique bed frame. Replacement mattresses must be custom-ordered due to their unconventional size. There are a few manufacturers in the United States that specialize in custom-made mattresses, and orders for this size mattress are on the increase.
Once the bed is outfitted with a correctly-fitting mattress, the next step is acquiring ¾ bed sheets to fit this special size. Because of its unconventional size, ¾ size bed sheets are not easily found in department stores. That’s where Cozytown Linens can help. We offer 3/4 sheets and mattress pads to fit antique beds in the ¾ full size (48 x 75), as well as ¾ xl full (48 x 80), the common size used in RV’s. With several fabrics and colors to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect ¾ size bedding to match your lifestyle and décor. And best of all, they are made right here in the USA!

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