A Splash of Color in the Bedroom

It’s time to add some color to your A Splash of Color in the Bedroombedroom.

Pantone has released their color of the year.

Things are looking “bright” and it’s time to bring some new life into the place where you lay your head each night.

The Pantone Color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango. The color is a mixture of red and orange. The orange tones have a subtle pink tone as well. The color is soft yet bright enough to bring some life to common every day textiles.

The new Pantone color is a reminder that it’s Ok to add color to your life.

And that includes in the bedroom, the place where you spend much of your life.

Common colors for bedspreads include your whites, off whites and light colors in blues, greens and soft reds. These options offer neutrality in the bedroom where it can be a daunting task to design a room that is beautiful and bold.

The Pantone color shows that it is all right to add some non-traditional colors to your bedroom. Imagine walking into your bedroom after a long day at work and seeing a beautiful bedroom setting complete with tones of orange in the sheets, comforter and pillows.

Bed sheets are one option for adding some color to your bedspread. You can also consider adding color with a comforter or pillows. There are also options for adding color to window treatments or perhaps even a new cloth headboard.

If you’re looking to add color in an even more bold way there are also options available in satin sheets. This would really add flavor to your bed and add some energy.

The colors don’t necessarily have to be tangerine either.

The Pantone colors are a nice guide. They represent a certain personality, but there are other options. This is simply a reminder that it’s Ok to add some boldness to your bedroom.

There are bold reds, deep blues and luscious greens as options as well.

The bedroom doesn’t have to be stuck in neutral. There are options available to add a splash of color. Bold colors bring energy and excitement to the bedroom.

The sun is shining on 2012. The color of the year is Tangerine Orange.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and noticed how the sun shines orange across the bedroom then perhaps it’s time to bring more of that color into your bedroom.

Add some Tangerine Tango to your bedroom for a delicious splash of bedroom color.

Bowl of Tangerines courtesy of itdoesnthavetobebeautifulunlessitsbeautiful

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