100% Cotton vs. Cotton Poly Blend Sheets

After being in the bed linens business for ten years and having the opportunity to talk with so many wonderful customers, I have found that there is no medium ground when it comes to the preference of blends verses all cotton bed sheets.  People either love blended fabric or hate it, and the same is true with 100% cotton.  Both fabrics have their pros and cons; it’s just a matter of personal preference.  Simply put, here is the difference between the two:

1)      Blended fabric used in bed sheets is usually a combination of cotton and polyester.  If you like easy care, no-iron sheets, then you may prefer a polyester blend.  Polyester is also more durable than cotton, so sheets made with polyester tend to last longer.  The down side to a polyester blend is that it is not as soft as cotton, and although it will soften a bit with the first few washings, it will never be as soft and luxurious as 100% cotton.

2)      100% cotton sheets are more luxurious than a cotton blend and are the most widely preferred because of the softness and comfort against your skin. Unlike polyester, cotton is breathable and helps wick moisture away from your body, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.  Do expect cotton sheets to wrinkle, some more than others, but if comfort is your goal, you’ll gladly put up with a few wrinkles here and there.

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